Our presentation at API Strategy & Practice Conference

It's not so often the occasion where so many of people you follow on Twitter or whose software you use, can you see face to face, have a conversation with, and talk about a mutually enjoyable subject (as much as APIs can be enjoyed) -- this happened last month over two days at the sold out API Strategy & Practice Conference in NYC.

Kin Lane and 3scale did a great job bringing everyone together; enthusiasts, competing vendors, speakers, developers, etc. There was a wide breadth of sessions: companies talking about their API programs, start-ups showing off their stuff (and debating each other!), developers discussing techniques, and more. There was something for everyone. I think the general consensus was it was a success. I hear they're talking about a second one later this year.

We had the opportunity to speak at the conference on day two. Out presentation was about "Logging and Monitoring APIs" -- it was pretty well received I think. Like many large companies, we've got lots of APIs (and more coming down the pipe), and if you want to keep a confident pulse on the health of APIs, you have to log and monitor them in creative ways; we think we do a pretty good job at that, so we decided to share what we've learned with others. You can find the presentation here on SlideShare.