Presenting at Splunk .conf2012

At Splunk .conf2012 this year I'll be presenting, along with Eric Helgeson, how at Target Corporation we used Splunk to monitor end-to-end our internal and external web service APIs we developed, and how we managed to do it all within 3 months. We'll cover the problem we faced, how we used Splunk to solve it, show lots of examples, cover the challenges and lessons, then talk about the future where we're planning to take it next. If you're in the business of monitoring the APIs you created for your business, this talk will be right up your alley.

If you happen to be there, come see us present September 12th @ 4:15 PM, and look for the session titled "Splunk All the Things: Our First 3 Months Monitoring Web Service APIs". If you have questions after our talk, don't hesitate to approach us.

After the conference, I'll post the presentation on SlideShare.